Fabric Dyeing unit

Pileh Tex dyeing unit is the meeting point of fabric knowledge, art, and the power of colors. Inspired by its 50 years of expertise and experience, as well as using Thies and Mezzera jet equipment and devices, this unit has provided the ability to dye the most sensitive fabrics with the highest possible quality for customers. By the same token, this unit has been able to increase the capacity of its dyeing services to more than 8 tons per day.

The following services can be mentioned from the set of services provided in the dyeing unit “Pile Tex”:

  •  (رنگرزی) Dyeing
  • (آهارگیری) Scouring
  • (سفید گری) Bleaching

Be aware:

  • Minimum dyeing sample: 20 kg
  • Minimum dyeing order: 280 kg
  • Maximum fabric width: 180 cm
  • Minimum fabric weight: 60 kg per square meter
  • Maximum fabric weight: 400 grams per square meter
  • Dyeing capacity: 8 tons daily