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The industrial factories of “Pileh Tex” were founded in 1974. The collection is now regarded as one of the most experienced and oldest factories for printing, dyeing, and fabric completion in the region. During all these years, speed, quality, and way of providing services have been the most important reasons for customer satisfaction with this collection. Furthermore, the establishment of this factory in Tehran, as the only factory for printing, dyeing, and completion of fabric in this city, has made it easy to be reached by customers to access and provide orders and delivery in the shortest possible time. From our own point of view, the permanence secret of “Pileh Tex” in the Iranian industry lies in using experienced managers, having a professional and committed team, concentrating on the quality of delivery services and constantly investing in new technologies.
Nowadays, “Pileh Tex” provides customers with high power quality in offering services in the shortest time possible. Currently, the collection can dye 15 tons of cloth per day according to the global print standards, and also can dye more than 8 tons of cloth. The quality commitment of this collection comes from the provision of high-quality and high-grade products from European countries, which reveals itself in the stages of printing and providing services. This commitment and high ability to provide services, has brought a very valuable experience for T “Pileh Tex” and has enabled us to produce more than 250 million tons of fabric since its establishment.

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Flat 4, No 40, Sarhang Sakhai Ave, Ferdosi St,Tehran,IRAN,Postal Code:1136834838

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After the Traffic Department, Chahardangeh,Ayatollah Saeedi Highway,Tehran,Iran, Postal cod: 3319717319